Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poison Dart Frog?!

Have you ever wondered who that blue little guy in my avatar is? That's a Poison Dart Frog, who can be found mostly in Central and South America. What caught my attention about them was their name... I thought they were frogs that shoot poison darts (which would be awesome), but they are called Poison Dart Frogs because they secrete lipophilic alkaloid toxins through their skin, which were used to envenom darts.

I picked the blue one because they look cool, but the most toxic bad boy of these frogs are the Golden Poison Frogs, or Phyllobates Terribilis. You know they're not messing around when they have Terribil in their name. The dosage of poison depends on the region but on average they carry around 1mg of poison which is enough to kill 10~20 humans (which by the way can die just by touching the frog). They only use their poison in self defense though so if you see these tiny, bright colored frogs, walk away!


  1. Just a stupid idea.

    Blue and yellow make green.
    Blue and yellow frogs are poisonous but green aren't.

    So, maybe, blue poison and yellow poison make something not poisonous. They're, like, an antidote for eachother.

    No, I'm not drunk. :D

  2. Damn they pack a punch for something so tiny. Nice info post dude!

  3. Little guys need something to protect themselves. Man, frogs are cool.

  4. Why do they have to look so awesome if I can't touch them?! :( They're just tempting me!

    frogs are such teases